Daily Archives: 20 December 2004

The good news is that

The good news is that I’m back online. This has been the smoothest deep cleaning I’ve ever done. Usually, I have problems with the Novell client and/or Lotus Notes but each behaved themselves.

The bad news is that I’m still really busy as I get ready to go on vacation tomorrow.

One short note. Christmas tree prices here soared past $250 yesterday. The majority of trees are brought in via ships and sell for less than $60 but when supplies ran out last week, some importers decided to fly some in from the West coast.

The cost of the freight, short supplies, and people gouging setting prices at what the market will bear, led to the high prices.

Just another price of living in paradise. By the way, the high temperature today will be in the 80s (~30°C) and the low in the 70s (~25°C).