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All Your Cars Be P0wn3d by Us

I may have posted about this kind of thing before but as
computers are integrated into more and more areas of our lives the opportunity for mischief increases. In
this post here
, the site is saying certain Lexus vehicles
may be vulnerable to computer viruses via Bluetooth cell
phone connectivity.

Obviously, the phone would have to be infected or, at
least, the conduit for an infection and the Lexus navigation
operating system must be vulnerable to infection. These are
two big ifs. But I guess it’s just a matter of time before a
proof of concept is done (if it hasn’t been done

As the article points out, as scary as that may seem, what
about aircraft? Especially as airliners become connected to
the Internet. Can you imagine, for example, an 800-passenger
Airbus navigation computer being hacked and fed incorrect
altimeter data? Or how about medical devices, some of which
may be running operating systems vulnerable to attack. Is it
just a coincidence that EULAs for such
devices specifically say they are not to be used in such



1st. Lt. Kainoa Hoe, RIP

1st Lt. Nainoa Hoe

I had intended to write this post yesterday but was
derailed by the tragic crash of a US Marine helicopter in
Iraq. All aboard were killed, including 26 soldiers
home-stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii and one US Navy
medical corpsman from Pearl Harbor. Their stories are just
starting to be told.

But the story I’m about to tell today is the story of 1st
Lt. Nainoa Hoe. Lt. Hoe was not part of the helicopter
incident but rather died a few days earlier. In reading
fellow Daynoter Brian Bilbrey’s post on
, Brian listed the names of three soldiers
killed in Iraq, one of which was Hoe.

Brian’s post got me to thinking that I should tell you
folks a little more about who Lt. Hoe was.

It is sometimes easy to forget that each of these soldiers
has their own story. Each has families, parents, and other
relatives that care for them. Each had dreams of what they
wanted to do with their lives once they got back to the Real

Lt. Hoe was no different. Hoe was a native Hawaiian and
graduated in 1995 from the Kamehameha Schools, a school
founded by Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop in 1887. From there
he went to the University of Hawai’i (UH) where he graduated
with an undergraduate degree in Management Information
Systems and then on to a Masters in Business Administration.
While at UH, Hoe enrolled in the ROTC
program, rising to Brigade Commander in his last year (the
highest leadership position possible). He graduated tops in
his ROTC class and fourth nationwide (out of about

In further recognition of his leadership qualities, Nainoa
was named U.S. Army Pacific Reserve soldier of the year in

But besides the obvious leader he was, what kind of person
was Lt. Hoe? People have described Nainoa as charismatic,
serious, precise, well-mannered, and unassuming. But, at the
same time, he loved to sing karaoke and be with his

Perhaps it was some of these qualities that attracted the
young woman who would soon become his wife. Emily (I love
that name) said they met through the Internet in November
2003, exchanging photos and information in an online
match-making service. At the time, he was stationed at Fort
Benning, Ga., going through Ranger school with a goal of
eventually working for the FBI as a special agent. She was a
student attending a college in Oregon.

“When I saw his picture and saw his smile, there was
something about it that really drew me in,” Emily said. They
arranged a meeting in Oregon, “and it was one of those
love-at-first-sight kind of things.”

They were married, in a simple ceremony, about six month
later. On the beach in Hawaii Kai. At sunset. With just their
parents attending. Just before being sent for additional
training and then on to Iraq in October.

On Saturday, January 22, 2005, Lt. Hoe sent an e-mail to
his wife telling her that he had just found out he would get
a two-week leave in February. He was excited that he would
get the opportunity to see her and that he wanted them to
spend their time in Hawaii. The e-mail went on to say that
“he was going to love me forever and how he couldn’t wait to
see me,” Emily said.

Two hours later, while on foot patrol in Mosul, Iraq,
where U.S. forces have been mounting stepped-up raids and
patrols ahead of national elections scheduled for this
Sunday, shots rang out. As if in slow motion, a spray of
bullets came flying his way. And even though he had body
armor on to protect his chest and back, a bullet struck him
from the side, passing through a gap in the protective vest
and into his chest.

He is survived by his heartbroken parents (Allen, a
Vietnam veteran, and Adele), a younger brother (Nakoa, also
in the military and being deployed to Iraq) and his loving
21-year-old wife – Emily.

Whether you support the war in Iraq or not, remember that
there is a story behind each and every name on the list of
soldiers. Remember that there is a price to pay for
being in Iraq. And remember that, sometimes, that price is
paid in the blood of soldiers like 1st. Lt. Nainoa Hoe. May
he rest in peace and may his death not have been in vain.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone – Aloha!

Fortes, Fortuna, Juvat

Semper Fi

Go Lava

Our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of the
Marines killed in the helicopter crash in Iraq. Twenty-seven
of the killed were home-based at Marine Corps Base Hawaii,
located in Kane’ohe, O’ahu, Hawai’i.

MT Update

There is an important
anti-spam update to MovableType
. It closes a hole in the
mail sending program that presently allows spammers to send
unlimited e-mails through your installation.

You can download the complete MT program or just a
plug-in. I’m getting the plug-in as I’m getting real tired of
having to do complete re-installs every time MT makes a
change to one file. But I digress as this is not the time to
talk about MT’s user unfriendly installations.

Anyway, if you are using MT, please get the update as soon
as possible.

Ski Hawai’i

Fellow Daynoter Rick
sent along this link to an interesting
NASA photo of the Big Island of Hawai’i
. The two big
white spots are the snow-covered tops of the volcanoes Mauna
and Mauna

Many people do not realize that we do get snow in Hawaii.
At least, that is, on these two volcanoes. While it’s not
usually the kind of snow good for skiing, many people do
enjoy snow boarding down the slopes. However, as there are no
ski lifts, you have to walk or drive back up.

By the way, Mr. Hellewell is a computer security expert so
you would do well to peruse his site. Highly recommended.

NASA photo of the Big of Hawaii showing snow on Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea


Nothing to See Here

I’m still at home trying to recover from the flu that will not die. I couldn’t get to sleep last night until after midnight and got up four hours later coughing.

Hence, there isn’t much of interest going on here at the Seto Shack today. Hopefully, I’ll be back at work tomorrow and there will more interesting things to talk about. Or not. Tune in tomorrow to find out.


Feeling Better

I’m still at home today but am feeling better than I was yesterday. Unfortunately, that’s not saying much as all of my joints are still sore, I didn’t get much sleep because of the caughing, and nothing I eat has any taste.

Speaking of feeling better, thank you to all of you who sent suggestions and/or links to possible solutions to my Thunderbird e-mail program problem yesterday. It is heartening to have so many people willing to help.

I read some of the support forum messages and determined that my prefs.js file had become corrupted. This probably occured the night before when I shut down and Windows did a blue screen dance of death.

Since I didn’t have a backup of the prefs.js file (I know, my bad), I had to create a new profile and then copy the mail from the old profile into the new. This solved the problem and I am backup and running.

Again, a big mahalo to all of you who sent in suggestions.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone – Aloha!