Tuning Out: iTunes 4.7.1 Kills Music

In all the hoopla yesterday about Apple’s new MiniMe, I
mean Mac Mini, there was
little notice that the iTunes music client has been updated
to version 4.7.1. Note that updating to this version (and 4.7
before it) will make it more difficult for you to exercise
your fair use rights as it pertains to listening to music you
bought on any device of your choice. According to a posting
on this site,
using the new version of the client can lead to music you
paid for becoming unplayable (if not actually deleted). As
almost always, there are workarounds.

But I am getting tired of the constant gamemanship that
seems to be going on over at Apple so I think I’m going take
a look at alternative ways of buying the music that I want to
hear rather than what entertainment conglomerates want to
sell to 16-year-old girls.


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