That Sick Feeling

I’m at home today fighting the flu. If that wasn’t bad enough, when I started up the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program this morning, it asked me to create an account as there were none.

As you might imagine, this is not good news because Thunderbird is saying there isn’t any mail since there isn’t any account.

After backing up the profile folder, which has all the mail sitting right there, I tried re-installing Thunderbird.

No luck. I just can’t seem to get Thunderbird to use the default profile with all my mail in it. Sigh.

I’ll check out the Thunderbird forums to seem if others have reported this problem before and if there is a work around. If not, I guess I can always swich the some other program.



2 responses to “That Sick Feeling

  1. Dan-

    I’ve run into a problem that may be similar with Mozilla. We are on cable and generally lock internet access (via ZonaAlarm) when not doing things online. If we close Mozilla while internet access is locked our profile is not available when we reopen Mozilla. I’ve found that the Mozille.exe does not completely close under those circumstances so the profile is marked as in use; ending the process via task master (in Windows) then reopening Mozilla restores the proper profile. Maybe similar?

  2. Dan, I’ve had that problem with Mozilla.
    Try this page and see if you can find your profile and get it back.