All Your Cars Be P0wn3d by Us

I may have posted about this kind of thing before but as
computers are integrated into more and more areas of our lives the opportunity for mischief increases. In
this post here
, the site is saying certain Lexus vehicles
may be vulnerable to computer viruses via Bluetooth cell
phone connectivity.

Obviously, the phone would have to be infected or, at
least, the conduit for an infection and the Lexus navigation
operating system must be vulnerable to infection. These are
two big ifs. But I guess it’s just a matter of time before a
proof of concept is done (if it hasn’t been done

As the article points out, as scary as that may seem, what
about aircraft? Especially as airliners become connected to
the Internet. Can you imagine, for example, an 800-passenger
Airbus navigation computer being hacked and fed incorrect
altimeter data? Or how about medical devices, some of which
may be running operating systems vulnerable to attack. Is it
just a coincidence that EULAs for such
devices specifically say they are not to be used in such



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