Daily Archives: 7 February 2005

You Can Get There From Here

Sorry for the late posting. I had it ready to go but was
sidetracked by some other things I had to do first.

Thank you to Jon Barrett who pointed out that yes, you can
write to a server with a volume formated as NTFS from a Linux
client. I should have checked first before guessing that it
might not be possible. Especially since I could actually
login into one of our NT servers and find out.

Logging in to a one of our NT servers is remarkably
similar to that in Windows. In Xandros Desktop Business
Edition version 2.5, click on the File Manager icon –>
Tools –> Mount Network Share.

Type in the address (we use something like
\\xx.xxx.xxx.xxx\fo) and, once past the username and
password, I was able to read and write files to the NTFS
partition mounted there. Now if only I could do that with my
own hard drive. Sigh.

Thanks again Jon!