Slip Sliding Away: Microsoft in Decline

It has long been my belief that Microsoft has seen its
best days and is now on a long, slow slide downwards. Note I
said long, slow slide. While anything is possible, I think
the probable course is a slowly decaying orbit much like a
once high flying satellite – not a sudden collapse.

In an ABC
News commentary
, Michael S. Malone seems to agree. Using
what he calls his smell test, Malone says he detects the tell
tale smell of decay coming from Redmond.

The author says he sees two characteristics that lead him
to his conclusion. First, mind share seems to be united in
fear and loathing of Microsoft (so what else is old? – ed).
And second, major delays in core products, i.e., Longhorn
being, so far, two years late and missing core features (see
earlier comment – ed) are occurring with regularity.

While no one can accurately predict the future all the
time, I think his perceptions are correct.


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