Daily Archives: 24 February 2005

Tiki Head Flash Drive

You know, one of these days someone is going to go a step
too far with making Flash-based drives just a little too
cute. Until then, check out the Mauna
Tiki Data
drive. It will never be confused with cute.

Tiki Flash Drive


Hula Hands

Speaking of cute, getting your morning coffee from Starbucks (a coffee
company, for those who have been living in the Sudan for the
last 10 years – Ed.) is sometimes made easier by using a gift
card. You know, those little plastic debit card things that
people give to each other as gifts when they can’t think of
anything else to give and don’t want to give cash.

Well, it seems Starbucks has designed a special one for
sale only in Hawai’i (see image below and story from the
Honolulu Advertiser
). Apparently, some enterprising people are
auctioning them on E-bay and making a pretty good living at

While I am certainly no expert in collecting gift cards,
this one does look pretty nice. Maybe I’ll go and get one the
next time I’m in the area (how can you miss running into a
Starbucks, they’re everywhere – Ed.).

Starbucks Hawaiian gift card