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Post No Bills: Comment Spam III

There are ways of keeping blog comment spam from getting
through but some of the solutions may be more trouble than
they are worth. I’ve talked
about what I’ve done on this site but this guy
has tried experimenting with various other anti-comment spam
methods and reports his results.

Although he is using WordPress as his blog
software what he has done should be applicable to the more
popular MovableType
(which is what I use here).

That said, since instituting the changes I’ve made, I
haven’t had much problems with comment spam. What I have had,
however, is ping floods where companies will hit my site six
or seven pings per minute for 10 minutes at a time. Mostly
they’ve been gambling sites with a sprinkling of the expected
ED-type sites. None,
of course, have been successful but it’s interesting to look
at the logs and see their attempts. What is not so good is
the load these pings put on server but I don’t know what else
I can do other than get rid of trackback pings (which I’m not
sure would make a difference).

In any case, the best defense I’ve seen seems to be to
close comments and trackback pings after a length of time. I
use seven days, which is why if you try to enter a comment
after that time period your comment won’t get through (hi
Sjon! – ed.). But feel free to take a look at his work and
decide for yourself what works best for you.

Post No bills