Justice Served: Take My Word, Please

The US Justice Department will be buying $13.2 million USD
worth of Corel’s WordPerfect word processing software over
Microsoft’s Word (see the story from ABC
News here

This may not be as much a slap against MS as it recognizes
that WP is still king in the legal world. As I’ve said
before, while we are slowly converting to Word, many
employees here are more comfortable using WP than Word.

That said, diversity is usually good and I’m glad the very
people who are suing MS don’t use their word processor to
write their briefs (although it would be pretty cool if they
did – ed.). Insert disclaimer here.


One response to “Justice Served: Take My Word, Please

  1. The irony is that the people who slapped MS because of it’s monopoly proove that that monopoly isn’t actually working.