Word to the Wise

Fellow Daynoter John
, having recently moved over to a new job at a
law firm, e-mailed me to note that Word seems to be very
popular, if it isn’t in the majority already.

He is probably right, MS Office/Word may have already
WP Office
in private practice. My comments earlier were
about government service. But even then, I guess I shouldn’t
have generalized. All I can say is what I’ve seen here in
state government (specifically the Hawai’i Judiciary, insert
disclaimer here).

In our office, about half the workers prefer WordPerfect
because it’s what they know best and they don’t see any
particular reason to change. By that I mean there aren’t
many, if any, features in Word that would make life so much
easier than WP. In addition, WP Office is a lot cheaper than
MS Office.

And you know, I can’t fault anyone for staying with WP.
Why would anyone want to learn a new application simply
because it is most popular? Shouldn’t such decisions be made
on the basis of criteria such as price, features, ease of
use, etc.?

That said, I use Word because that’s what I’ve been using
for the last 10 or 15 years. However, as soon as
Star Office
/OpenOffice is able to
do what I need it to do I’ll probably switch over to that
based on, if nothing else, it’s so much cheaper and there are versions for Linux.

Anyway, as I always say, use the tool that works best for



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