Happy Days

So enough with the boring stuff. How about a few happy

This guy likes origami
. But not just any origami
(the Japanese art of paper folding). He likes doing stuff
like rhombitruncated cuboctahedrons, truncated icosahedrons,
and greater stellated dodecahedrons. One example of his work
is below:

Compound of five tetrahedrons.

guy likes his Mac Mini
. He likes it so much he decided to
hide it in an old Dell case so that no one would know he was
using one and steal his.

MAc Mini inside of a Dell case.

there’s these guys who like high powered projectors
. They
have a series of photos created by projecting images on to
the side of what looks like a cooling tower of some sort
(much like the ones for nuclear reactors). Once at their site, click on the link at the top corner of the photo and it will take you to the next image (the site is not in English but I think “weiter”
essentially has you go forward one image).

Cooling tower projection.

you guys who are into robotics
, Radio Shack is launching
a robotics kit called the Vex Robotic Design System for $299
that will give you the parts needed to contend in the FIRST competition.

Vex robot car.



One response to “Happy Days

  1. That Mac-in-a-Dell is funny, now for doing it the other way round

    (Zuruck=back,previous; weiter=further,next; it’s German)