Daily Archives: 30 March 2005

Cuban Content

I’ve been reading Mark Cuban’s blog,
off and on, for maybe a year now. I got linked to his site, I
think, via a mention in Doc Searls blog.

Mr. Cuban appears to be, like the professional basketball
he owns, a maverick. Being a maverick is not always
a Good Thing. But in his case, it is. Mr. Cuban speaks
forthrigthly and with conviction. Conviction based on common
sense and the research he does before he writes about

So I am pleased that he
is writing
on the issue before the US Supreme Court
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., et al. v. Grokster, Ltd.,
et al. No. 04-480
(see this
for his additional info on the RIAA
claims). He makes the clear case for technological innovation
versus fear of losing control over content distribution (yes,
I know, Doc hates the term).

Clearly, digital technology and distribution of
music/movies over the Internet can revolutionize how artistic
works are offered to their customers. Previously, a few
companies controlled everything. But with the coming of the
Internet, broadband connections, and digital technology,
artists can now cut out the middlemen and have conversations
directly with their customers.

The powers that be are clearly frightened by this and are
doing the best they can to muzzle these conversations. If they
win, innovations such as the Xerox machine, VCR, cassette
tapes, recordable CD-ROMs/DVDs, and Tivo-type DVRs would all
have been illegal (and just about all of them were opposed by
these very same companies/associations using the very same
arguments saying the sky would fall if they became popular
and that their primary, nay only, use was to illegally copy
content. Thus, stealing money from the mouths of their

I am especially pleased that not only does Mr. Cuban
oppose these attempts to stifle digital innovation, he is
willing to fund the EFF’s
efforts against them. This folks, is walking the walk. This
is declaring to all where he stands.

Thank you Mark Cuban. We need more people like him.

Please support the EFF by
becoming a member
. I just did (I’m getting the t-shirt).
Membership starts at only $15 for students and $25 for
everyone else.