Burning Up

My wife’s PC is overheating. Again. Sigh. I’ve done
everything except switch to water cooling but the CPU in her
PC began overheating over this past weekend. Maybe because
the weather is starting to warm up. Or maybe because the
motherboard is controlling fan speed and it doesn’t react
fast enough to load changes. I dunno.

The only thing I can think of is to install the included
fan controller (
Fan Mate2
) and manually set the fan speed to stay at
maximum, regardless of the load, while ignoring the increased
noise that will result. Big Sigh.



One response to “Burning Up

  1. Two posible solutions:
    1. Get one of those mini-fridges, dissassemble it and put it in the computer

    2.Women always have cold feet so put the box under the table and let her put her feet in it …