Monday Misc. Mishmash

Some students over at Purdue University, with way too much
time on their hands, three-peated by winning the
Rube Goldberg Machine Contest
. The contraption, in 125
steps, removed the batteries from a flashlight, replaced them
with new ones, and turned the flashlight on. There is a link
on their page to a 3.4MB QuickTime(r) 61-second video of the
machine in action. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t do a very
good job of following the action so you may want to forgo the

Speaking of Rube Goldberg,
this story
from Wisconsin chronicles the sad tale of one
Tim Bender. It seems Tim was cleaning up the garage in
preparation for moving to another house. While doing so, he
accidentally knocked over a can of spray paint. Said can
landed square on a hammer. Said hammer punctured the can,
which sprayed paint into the air. Said paint fumes spread to
the gas fired water heater. Said water heater had a pilot
light. Said light ignite the paint fumes. Said fire burned
the apartment and most of the contents. Rube would be proud,
even if Tim isn’t.

Speaking of things that may not be wise, check
out the Hoverwing
. For a mere $8,000 you too can go
hovering across the lake at break-neck speeds.


And then. There’s this…

Robo Urinal



2 responses to “Monday Misc. Mishmash

  1. John Dominik

    Okay, the first picture I get. The second, I dunno. Is it a fridge? No, I guess not. Wait a minute – tiled room, large basin below … Oh my God. I don’t know what’s in the right hand, but if I’m right, it’s a urinal, unless (I don’t even want to contemplate it) it’s got a Microsoft sticker on it, in which case I would expect it to be a Microsoft Mohel. Ye gads.

  2. Don Armstrong

    If you think I’m entrusting the family jewels to that thing you’ve got another think coming, I can tell you, buddy. I wouldn’t even trust it with the zipper.