MovableType 3.16 Released

MovableType (MT)
announced version 3.16
yesterday. There are over 100 bug
fixes, including several security patches. MT is recommending
that you install this new version as soon as possible.

Even though it doesn’t require it, I may do a clean
install so that I can get rid of all the cruft that builds up
over time. If I do, the default template may get over written
and therefore things may look a bit different. If it does,
you’ll know why.

You may also be interested to know that I’m again looking
for new blogger software. One reason to switch is that
running MT, and most other solutions, require that I have
access to to CGI/Perl. My
current host,, charges extra for such access.

Hence, I’ve been fooling around with Blogger because the
database runs entirely on their own server while the static
output can be displayed either on their server or on This
bypasses the need to have CGI/Perl access on my host site and
thus could save me $144 per year.

Even cheaper yet is if my ISP, Time Warner Verizon
(not to be confused with my host), allowed hosting of servers
from the home. If they allowed that, I could just setup my
own web and mail servers and be done with it. But since they
don’t, I can’t (legally, anyway).

If anyone has suggestions on software that can run on, for
example, a free service or even my desktop PC (Windows or
Linux) while publishing to my host server, I’d like to hear
from them. Thanks in advance.



One response to “MovableType 3.16 Released

  1. Before going for a home-located server you should check your ISP. Even if they allow you to host your own server there may be a problem. Around here you can get a small-business ADSL package that allows you to put a server on line. The speeds and volume-allowance are the same as a normal ADSL. It’s a bit expensive but OK. Untill you realise both up and download is counted so you hit your monthly volume a lot faster than expected. And extra volume costs extra.