Spinsters: What PR Firms Do

Did you ever wonder why some articles in the press didn’t
make any sense? Perhaps it was because a public relations
(PR) firm wrote it and was trying to spin the story to their
customer’s advantage. This guy writes a short, interesting
post on what PR
firms do and why

It’s fascinating how PR firms sometimes plant stories by
getting unwitting reporters to do their bidding (Move along,
these aren’t the droids you’re looking for – ed.). Especially
interesting is how you plant one idea, get it into the media,
and then point to the idea as confirmation of what you are

Terrific stuff. Anyone who thinks critically should arm
themselves with the tools provided by this posting because
one thing is sure – these people aren’t stupid and they
will come up with new ways of fooling people.

Speaking of critical thinking, this post is a
humorous look at PR speak
. It translates what Adobe is
really saying regarding the merger with Macromedia. Dude!
Good job.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –


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