We are Microsoft – We are Here to Help

According to
this article from ZDNet
, the next version of Windows will
include their own spyware. It seems the new version of the
Watson error reporting tool will collect much more
information than it currently does.

For example, when your systems crashes, while using
Outlook to email that new job prospect you haven’t told your
boss about, the contents of said email would go not only to
Redmond, but possibly also your boss. Or when that replay of
Sunday’s amazing putt by golfer Tiger Woods crashes
MediaPlayer 10, the URL would make its way to your IT

But, you say, you shouldn’t be doing such things anyway.
Yes, you are right. You shouldn’t. And only bad guys should
fear the black helicopters, or the FBI breaking down your
door in the middle of night, or the police beating you to a
pulp because you are a minority. None of those abuses of
power would occur. Right? This is all for our own good.



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