Bouncing Beauties

Hard and high. For you women out there who want that oh
so sexy look of hard, fake boobs, there’s now this
. The makers of the Evolution Bra(r) “features a
sculpted, graduated cup ‘specially designed to mimic the
appearance of cosmetic breast implants.'” Oh. My. [insert
here your diety of choice – ed.].

I dunno. I guess it’s not bad enough that you want to
appear to have bigger boobs. But now you want your false
bigger boobs to look fake? You won’t be happy until your high
hooters look hard? Where did the US education system go
wrong? Don’t answer that.

Michael Moore coverage of UH takeover.Speaking of
educational systems, this is an update on the take-over of the
University of Hawai’i President’s office from yesterday’s
post. Michael Moore’s
is now linking to a live feed from within the

While I’m sure the old saying that any publicity is good
publicity is correct, I don’t know if the President
appreciates this kind of notoriety. This kind of tactic tends
to harden extreme positions rather than lead to artful
compromise. But, I guess, kids will be kids.



One response to “Bouncing Beauties

  1. ‘specially designed to mimic the appearance of cosmetic breast implants.’ …oops … I misread that as ‘cosmic breast implants’ …