Voggy Vapors Up Your Nose

Did you know that the worst sulfur dioxide air pollution site
in the US is a volcano? Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawai’i
to be exact. In fact, when the lava flows into the sea, a cloud
of, among other things, hydrochloric acid is produced (you can
read more about this from Yahoo! News

Now, before we go too far, you potential visitors out there
don’t need to go running and screaming like the Japanese in fear
of Godzilla. It’s mostly something residents of the Big Island
need to be aware of. Ongoing studies are being done to
determine just how bad this toxic mix is to residents (visitors
don’t need to worry too much because they aren’t exposed long
enough to have long-term, ill-effects. YMMV. Insert disclaimer
here). But it is well known that the state of Hawai’i has the
highest asthma death rate in the country.

Although, here on O’ahu, we are usually too far from the Big
Island to have any problems, it does reach us when the winds are
from that direction. When it is, we have what we call “vog”,
short for volcanic smog. But when the trade-winds return, all is
blown out to sea.


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