Here, Here

So, I’m back here at work and am under an avalanche of
email. I want to get started on that as soon as possible so
there won’t be a post today (other than this one).

It would be helpful if I could access our email server
from anywhere on the Internet, but due to security concerns
from our Information Technology people, this is not possible.
To get around this, I gave people my home email address but
only a few actually used it.

I guess I shouldn’t complain because I’m not supposed to
do work from home, anyway. That said, I checked my phone mail
on a daily basis and returned messages as needed.

Perhaps someday our IT people will hire a consultant to
setup a secure mail server. Until then, access is restricted
to only those on our Intraweb.



One response to “Here, Here

  1. I’ve had a few goes at setting up a secure mailserver for external access. The best I could come up with was using SMTP authentication when sending as well as when POPing. This made setup a bit more complicated for the users, but was the only really reliable way I could prevent relaying. In a way I feel sorry for ISPs and the like, they must find it even harder.