Can You Hear Me Now?

I’ve been using cell/mobile phones for about 15 years. Up
to last Monday, I’d lost only one phone. That phone somehow
slipped out of the plastic holster that was clipped to the
waistband on my trousers. It happened while I was getting
into my wife’s car. This occurred outside the courthouse
where I work and I never found the phone.

On Monday, while getting into my wife’s car, which was
parked outside the courthouse where I work, my cell phone
slipped out of the plastic…well, you know what comes next.
Sigh. Two phones. Same place.

So that evening, I went to Cingular and bought the
Motorola Razr V3
. Motorola Razr V3 The price for this phone has
dropped to as low as $100 from but, I think,
that’s after mail-in rebates and you all know what I think
about mail-in rebates.

So far, I like the fact that is thin and light. But for my
large fingers, what I like more is that it is relatively
wide. When I was shopping for a new phone, many of the phones
had tiny little keys. I have no idea how anyone is supposed
to use them much less a six-foot tall Hawaiian with large

Now that I have a new phone, I can begin getting
accessories for it! My first is a leather case so that I can
keep its anodized aluminum case scratch free. My second is a
scratch resistant film called the Martin Fields Overlay
. Hopefully, this will keep the 2.2 inch color
display from getting scratched or covered with visible
fingerprints. My next accessory is the Motorola
PhoneTools and USB cable

This software allows me to, among other things, transfer
wallpaper images and ring tones to my phone from my PC. This
saves me money since I don’t have to pay nearly $2USD per
wallpaper or ring tone. I can also download to my PC photos
that I’ve taken with the phone’s camera. It also provides for
easy creation and backing up of my address book and can sync
with my calendar.

The only problem I’ve had isn’t with the phone itself.
It’s with the Cingular voicemail. I don’t use voicemail
because I don’t use my phone that often so I had Cingular
turn that feature off. But with it off, and my phone off,
people get the strangest message when they try to call my
cell. What they here is a recording saying to enter the
10-digit phone number they are trying to reach. If they do
that, what they’ll get is a recording saying the number
doesn’t exist.

What doesn’t exist is a voicemail box but the recording
doesn’t say that. It says the number doesn’t exist. Not a

But that’s a problem with Cingular, not the phone. The
bottom line is I am very happy with my new toy
valuable communication device. Now I need to see what other
accessories I can buy for it.



2 responses to “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. [quote] six-foot tall Hawaiian with large hands.
    [/quote] lots of phoned support ‘voice dialing’ where you set up names and numbers once and then by calling the name the phone does the dialing. Often in combination with a tiny ear-headset making it possible to call without taking out the phone. ///

    [quote]Now I need to see what other accessories I can buy for it. [/quote]
    Try to find a cord to attach it to the holster …