Daily Archives: 1 June 2005

Race to Space

The race to make space more affordable, relatively
speaking, took another step forward recently when the SpaceX Falcon I launch
vehicle tested its first stage engines on the launch pad at
Vandenberg Air Force Base in California (read an
article here

Falcon I rocket.The privately funded reusable
rocket was developed by South African and co-founder of
PayPal, Elon Musk. As CEO of SpaceX, Musk is developing two
rockets, the Falcon I and V. The FI, at a price of about $6
million USD, has a low earth orbit lift capability of 670kg
while the FV, costing about $16 million, can reach escape
velocity while lifting 6,000 kg.



My wallpaper for the week comes courtesy of the POVCOMP site. The
“Persistence of Vision Raytracer” (POV-Ray) is a ray tracing
program that provides the tools to make photo-realistic
computer generated images. Versions are available for Windows,
Max OSX, and i86 Linux.

Computer generated image of a bonasi tree.