Daily Archives: 3 June 2005

The Mind is Ajar

We’ve all heard or read about elderly people who, thinking
they are pressing on their car’s brake pedal when they
aren’t, drive full speed into store windows/other
cars/pedestrians/the nearest tree.

Bad as that may be, this
really frightens me. Imagine you are on a flight
from San Diego, California to Hawai’i. You’re sitting there,
several miles up going at hundreds of miles per hour minding
your own business when you notice an elderly man get up and
head towards the restrooms.

Nothing to get excited about. Right? Except instead of
opening the door to the restroom, he begins to open the EXIT
DOOR. Let me repeat that, he begins to open the door of the
plane while said plane is traveling hundreds of miles per
hour, miles in the air.

If that doesn’t get your heart pumping, I don’t know what
does. Fortunately, his trying to get the door open did not
succeed and a spokesperson for the airline said it’s not
possible to do so while the cabin is pressurized (assuming
here that you have to pull the door inward to open it).


Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –