Clamming Up

ClamAV I’ve
talked before about ClamAV
, the open source anti-virus
software scanner. Being utterly and completely crazy
an intrepid kind of guy, I decided to try the Windows version

As you may remember, the Linux version appears to be a
command line only utility. In porting to Windows, someone
came up with a GUI version that allows
you to run it as a Windows application.

Being a Windows application, the install went without
problems. I then ran the program to scan my hard drive. What
usually takes me no more than 20 minutes, using AVG anti-virus, took
almost an hour using ClamAV. Once completed, it
reported two worms in emails stored in the PopFile

OK, no big deal because my spam filter,
, makes a copy of emails to track common traits.
AVG already has removed the virus itself but the copy PopFile
makes appears as if it is infected.

Since it didn’t matter to me if the copy was kept or not,
I decided to have ClamAv put the file into quarantine and
then I could delete the file there.

This was a bad decision in two ways. First, all the stored
email in Thunderbird, my email client, which totaled several
thousand emails, some several years old, was deleted.
Secondly, the junk folder in Thunderbird was also

It is possible that the two events, running ClamAV and the
deletion of the emails, were unrelated events. But I will say that you need to be careful if you decide to use ClamAV
for Windows with Thunderbird.



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