Pick Up

If you like free schwag (come on, be honest, I
know you’ve ouuuued and ahhhed at MS seminars so you can get
the free t-shirt), then for the cost of a stamp and
self-addressed envelope, you can get
three buttons and two stickers from Flickr
. Unless you’ve
been living in another universe for the last few months, Flickr is, according to
them, the “best online photo management and sharing
application in the world.” I don’t know if that is true but
it is certainly the most well known.

In any case, if you want the schwag, send them the
self-addressed envelope. If you want to help them decorate
their walls, you may also want to include a nice


One response to “Pick Up

  1. Easier to send your real address to them than to send it to other spammers.