Daily Archives: 15 June 2005

Oooh Wie, 1st!

It just keeps getting better. Amateur golfer Michelle Wie
tied for first place yesterday in the men’s US Amateur Public
Links sectional tournament in Pennsylvania. She thus
qualified for a spot in national tournament where the winner
goes on to the mens’ Professional Golfer Association’s Masters

Wie is the first female to be first in a sectional
tournament and, of course, should she win the national
amateur mens’ public links tournament, she would be the first
women, as far as I know, to play in the Masters.

But, that’s a big step away and even Wie would be cautious in
saying playing in the Masters is a dream that may be just out
of reach. For now. Still, in her short 15 years, she has done
more than most men people do in their lifetimes.


Surely, You Jest.

Airplane! What is it? It’s a form of transportation that
flies through the air, but that’s not important now. And
don’t call me Shirley. It’s been
25 years
since Jim Abrahams and the Zucker brothers
brought to the screen one of the funniest movies, ever —

Although, perhaps you have to understand the times in
which the movie placed itself to understand most of the
jokes, it is still funny today.

Congratulations to all involved.