Daily Archives: 21 June 2005

White Mountain, Deep Impact

High atop a windswept, extinct volcano on the island of
Hawai’i are some of the better, if not the best, astronomical
sites on Earth. The Mauna Kea
include 13 telescopes run by eleven
different countries, including the world’s largest
optical/infrared scope, the Keck

Hence, it is not surprising that Mauna Kea was factored in
to NASA’s
Deep Impact
mission to comet Tempel 1. According
to this
, NASA planned the impact of its probe so that
telescopes on Mauna Kea would have the best view

Assuming that the July 3rd mission goes as planned, the
Hawaii observatories (and their sister observatories on the
island of Mau’i) should have the first, and perhaps best
views, of the experiment.


Hurry Up and Wait

I’m still working on the contract that needs to be done by
this Friday. The contract itself should arrive from the
mainland today. But we can’t sign the contract until we get
the tax clearance from the federal Internal Revenue Service
and the Hawaii Department of Taxation. I emailed the Hawai’i
tax office last week Thursday, but have not received a

This is coming down to the wire but, it seems, all I can
do is wait.