Wallpaper of the Week

I’ve pointed to mega-pixel images before but this site has 4,000
megapixel (i.e., 4 gigapixels) images.Yosemite Half Dome This translates to 88,000 X 44,000

For those of you wondering who makes a digital camera with
that kind of resolution, think again. They actually use a
view camera with 9-inch by 18-inch film, then scan the film
to digitize the image.

In looking at the images, the thing that strikes me is not
the resolution, but the smoothness of the objects. It creates
in some of the images an almost 3-D effect. No observable
jaggies, banding, or other pixel noise is seen. This creates
a smooth panorama that is next to being there.

Below is an image of the camera with the photographer next
to it for scale.

Photo of camera next to man.



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