Daily Archives: 28 June 2005

This Just In

The contract I was working on since the beginning of this
month was completed last Friday. I don’t know if I’ll ever
have to do that again but clearly, this kind of effort can be
successful only if a lot of people are persuaded to work

I was lucky enough to have a team of people who made the
contract a priority and helped move it forward in what must
be record time. From beginning to end in three-and-a-half
weeks is amazing when you consider it takes about that long
just to get the tax clearance.

I can’t name the people who helped out but I hope they
know that I’m thankful for their assistance.

In other news, I am a brand new grandfather. My wife’s
daughter gave birth to an eight-pound baby boy. He is having
some health problems but is getting stronger every day. It is
hoped that he will come home from the hospital in about a
week or so.

And finally, since I finished the contract and can now
reformat my hard drive, I will do my twice annual hard drive
deep cleaning. The deep cleaning is intended to get rid of
the rubbish that Windows seems to collect over a period of
time. As the registry gets bigger and bigger, my computer
runs slower and slower (and gets less reliable).

That said, I do have to say Windows XP Pro is much more
reliable than earlier versions and perhaps, once the next
version comes out in a couple of years, I won’t need to do
these deep cleanings so often.

By the way, you Linux lovers out there shouldn’t get too
complacent because I have to do the same thing with whichever
version of Linux I may have at the time. The installation and
upgrading of applications, under Linux, is so inexact that it
is a miracle that you can do any work with a Linux box. The
sad thing is, I don’t see it getting any better anytime soon
because the world of Linux is still so balkanized and I don’t
see any solution (save one distribution taking control of the

Even if one distribution did take control, I don’t know if
that would be, on balance, better than what we have now.
Linux is flourishing because, it seems to me, there are so
many different versions that you can find a distribution that
suits what you need to do best rather than having to settle
for what you get.

If only the different distributions could settle on a core
set of directory structures and utilities such that
application developers could stop worrying about the
differences. If this were to occur, Linux would be set to
really take off because installing and upgrading applications
would become trivial.

However, as I’ve speculated before, I don’t think this
will happen anytime soon (although there have been efforts to
do this) because the distributors don’t see any advantage to
themselves to do so. As long as they think they can lock
people into their own distribution by being different, they
will continue to do so.

In any case, I’ll probably wait until the end of the week
to wipe the drive just in case anything should come up. So
don’t expect any updates on Friday. Monday is a national
holiday (Independence Day) so there won’t be any post on that
day nor probably Tuesday, as it usually takes me two business
days to get everything reloaded and back to how I like