No Tops, Less Bottoms

A Daytona Beach, Florida woman won a
court case
in which a judge found it legal for her to go
topless during a political protest.

It seems there is a local law that exempts nudity as part
of a political protest. Hence, when she went topless, as part
of a protest, she was within her rights to do so. I say, down
with tops! Full speed ahead.

In other news, backless
are back in the spotlight. Tired of showing your
thong straps when wearing your low cut jeans? Tired of the
label from your high cut panties showing everyone what size
underwear you wear? Well then, wear backless panties instead
and everyone will think nothing comes between you and your

Backless panties.



2 responses to “No Tops, Less Bottoms

  1. I wonder, if you realy don’t want to show undies and yet wear low-cut trousers, why not just leave the undies away completely?

    Oh, and I am in favour of tops-down too. 🙂 🙂

  2. Don Armstrong

    Now, let me see. People have been wearig “small-clothes” or underwear for a long time. They do it for good reason. They … uhm… NEED to protect their outerwear from … bodily secretions and emissions. Yeah. Well, there IS a need.

    Now, I’m as ready as the next guy to appreciate a pert sexy little derriere. Or a big one, come to that; but if that’s what we want, I agree with Sjon. If not, then BACKLESS underwear hardly meets the requirements for which underwear is worn, does it now?