Novell Client for Linux Beta

You can now download
Novell’s client for Linux
(still in beta). I haven’t
tried it myself because it seems closely tied to their
distribution (SuSe 9.3 and/or Novell Linux Desktop 9) and
I’m, for now, using Xandros. You can read the
install instructions and other information here

But if you are using Linux as your desktop and need access
to Netware servers, this is one way of doing it. Whether it
is the best way depends on what version(s) of Netware you are
trying to connect to and what Linux distribution you use. As,
it seems, with many applications in Linux, if you aren’t
using the exact environment they specify, you probably won’t
be able to install, configure, or run the application. Thus,
my warning that you be using SuSe 9.3 if you are going to try
this software.



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