Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Mozilla 1.0.6

The folks over at Mozillazine are saying there will be
an update to Mozilla and Thunderbird
just days after
releasing version 1.0.5. The new version, numbered 1.0.6, to
be released sometime this week fixes some things
inadvertently broken when 1.0.5 was released (among other
things, Enigmail PGP for Thunderbird stopped working).

The site reports that, based on the problems found in the
English version of 1.0.5, all work on the localized versions
were halted and will go directly to 1.0.6. The unfortunate
fallout is that the most current non-English version of
Mozilla/Thunderbird is still 1.0.4, which has at least 10
security vulnerabilities (including, as noted earlier,
execution of arbitrary code). Hence, foreign users are up in
arms that they have to use version 1.0.4 while English users
already have 1.0.5 (albeit with its own problems).

While I guess it’s fair to object to the way Mozilla did
things by delaying the release, since it apparently made a
management decision not to release the localized 1.0.5
versions, perhaps the angry hoards could be a little less
personal about the attacks.


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