Bet on This, Writes Wil Wheaton

It seems to me, there are two kinds of bloggers. Those
who talk about everyday subjects and those that write about
out-of-the ordinary subjects.

But one example of someone who can do both is Wil Wheaton.
recent post on gambling
in Las Vegas is excellent (I’ve
linked to one but there are a series of good ones there). If
I may be so bold to say that I think this is some of his best
writing, so far.

Wheaton has a knack of setting the scene and drawing
readers into his world. He makes it easy to see things
through his eyes. To experience his feelings as your own
would be, if you were in his shoes (and if you’re in his
shoes, he says to tell you he wants them back. No questions

Wheaton kind of reminds me, in a good way, of the writings
of author James Thurber. Readers are propelled forward into a
world few will ever actually experience. But the trip is
nonetheless interesting.

Although I get no amusement out of gambling, Wheaton
obviously does and writes about it in ways that transports
the reader into Wil’s world. The sights, sounds, and
impressions paint a picture of what it would be like to be
there. Good stuff, this.


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