Digital Analog

Shanling 300 CD player. No, this is not a picture
of the newest Star Trek starship. It’s a CD player. A tube CD
player. What does it cost? The Shanling T300 lists for $6,995
USD. You can read
a review here
or check out the
manufacturer site here

I’m no audiophile, so I can’t tell you if it makes any
sense to add tubes to a digital player. But then, who said
anything audiophiles do make any sense? Especially if they
pay almost $7,000 for a CD player. I mean, to people who pay
hundreds of dollars for half-a-metre long patch cords that
are made of “five nine” copper/silver/gold plate and covered
in graphite mesh to reduce “resonances”, spending this kind
of money for a CD player sounds reasonable.

But for me, I’ll trot on over to the local hardware store
and buy 14-gauge lamp cord and make my own.



2 responses to “Digital Analog

  1. Surely for that sort of money, you could have the band appear live in your living room? 🙂

  2. . . . or at least hire a sound engineer to acoustically tune your “el cheapo” $500 system to it . . . ;{)#