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I spent most of the time I have for a post this morning
trying to respond to a comment left by fellow Daynoter Phil Hough.
Unfortunately, my response got bounced. Several times. From
two different email servers (pair.com and gmail.com).

So I took a look at the email address Phil left in his
comment and compared it to what he has on his site and
noticed it was different. Hence, I decided to respond to the
address on his site rather than the one he left on the
comment and that seems to have gone through (at least it
hasn’t come back at the time of this writing). Crossing
fingers that it went through.

Sorry Phil if it doesn’t but I tried.

In any case, all I have time for are a couple of

Windows Vista banner.“Vista” is what the next
version of Microsoft’s operating system will be called. It
used to be codenamed “Longhorn” but now you can call it
Vista. You can visit the Windows
Vista site here
. But I’m not sure if the 2006 ship date
will be met and, if so, what features will ship when it does.
While I’m sure there will be a lot of changes under the hood,
I’ve heard that there won’t be much that you won’t be able to
get in Windows XP. But all of that is just speculation and we
will have to see what happens.

As a follow-up to my latest post on Wal*Mart’s anti-union
tactics, I got an email from the Deputy Director of
Communications of an outfit called American Rights at Work.
She tells me they’ve created a website www.walmartworkersrights.org
that details what she says is “the retail giant’s unfair
practices in the workplace and a platform for activists to
communicate their opposition to Wal-Mart’s anti-union

I don’t know who she is nor who pays for the site but with
that disclaimer, feel free to check it out.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –


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  1. My apologies for taking up so much of your time. It appears I’d missed philsdiary.net from my mailserver’s local-host-names files. Ooops.

    I’m just sorry it wasted so much of your time, please accept my apologies.