High Definition Sound

When I heard about something called high definition radio
I said to my self: “Self, they have to be joking.” I mean,
it’s like that commercial for a cleaning
that gives you high definition windows.

But then, I read
this Wired article about high definition radio
and I saw
the error of my ways. There really is such a thing but I’ve
heard it referred to as digital radio.

But as nice as digital radio probably is, the problem with
almost any new technology is the chicken and the egg
question. Here in Hawaii, we don’t have any digital radio
stations (on the other hand, we do have chickens and eggs).
So, I’m not likely to buy a $250 digital radio. In fact, I
won’t be buying either one of the satellite radio (XM or
Serius) receivers because we don’t get either signal out here
in the Pacific.

Why don’t we have such services? Perhaps two reasons.

I think it’s partly the cost. It takes a bunch of money to
come here and set something up for a relatively small
population (about one million, not including chickens or
eggs). But little do these companies know that we are so starved
for selection that when almost any new store opens here, it
quickly becomes the number one in gross sales across the
entire US. Whether it’s Krispy Kreme donuts or Costco
warehouse, their number one stores in sales, nationwide, are

But mostly, I guess, it’s because there’s no competition. Almost all
the radio stations are owned by the same company so why spend
money to differentiate yourself from the other guy?


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  1. [quote]almost any new store opens here, it quickly [/quote] unless of course it is a chicken and egg selling opperation … ^_^