Jerry Glanville: Man on a Mission

The sports pages have given rise to many thoughtful
treatise on the human condition. Books and movies have
chronicled the exploits of those who take up a sport. Sports
have even been described as a substitute for combat or a
reason, in the case of the Olympics, to halt wars.

This article from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin
a reflective examination of how former US National Food Ball
League coach Jerry Glanville went from Iraq to coaching the
defense for the University of Hawai’i football team.

In March of 2004, Glanville and eight others went to Iraq
as part of a “NFL Alumni Association trip…, traveling to
three, four camps a day, all day, late into the night.
Visiting thousands of young United States servicemen, seeing
them operate under pressure in the field in the middle of a

Coming out of the experience, Glanville felt impelled to
get involved with what he calls “the greatest generation in
the history of the world.” A generation of young people who
are willing to go anywhere and do anything they are asked

Thus began his quest to start coaching again. It didn’t
matter to him where, just as long as he could work with this
generation of young people he had gotten to know and admired
so much.


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