Toying with You

On a lighter note, I thought the Japanese were wild about
vending machines but some folks over in the UK may have
topped them. It seems pub patrons in Bath can now get their
pints and crisps then go over to the vending machine and get
their sex toys. Whoa. Sex toys? Yup. Sex toys.

article here
says four pubs have agreed to have the
vending machines installed and are reporting a brisk
business. While the idea has not exactly spread far and wide,
it does open itself to penetrating questions as to its


2 responses to “Toying with You

  1. Don Armstrong

    No! Not gunna go there! Not by proxy anyway.

  2. ordering gets the waitress yelling to the bar like “three largers, two Guinnes, two rubbers and a wanker for table 6!!” šŸ™‚ :p