Holding the Key

According to
this article
, starting yesterday, Microsoft will require
you to register your copy of Windows 2000 or XP before you
will be allowed to download

“updates, such as the updated versions of its media
player or graphics program, glitch fixes and other features
the company may issue 10 or more times a year…

Older systems don’t require validation for updates.

Security updates are not part of the system. They can
still be downloaded free without the validation

Needless to say, according to the article, the update
registration system has already been hacked.

The article goes on to say, the registration system is
part of a larger effort to add copy protection to more media
and devices. When this expanded copy protection system is in
place, Microsoft will control PC functions such as the
ability to forward email.

In my opinion, Microsoft is driving its customers to Linux
and Apple by treating them (it’s customers) like thieves. As
for me, I already dual boot into Linux on a daily basis. As
applications for Linux slowly mature, it’s just a matter of
time until I won’t need Windows at all.



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