Thursday Tidbits

I have a bunch of stuff to do today so I don’t have a lot
of time this morning so here are a few quick links:

Opera 8.02 was released. The change
says there are three security fixes and a few bug
fixes. If you use Opera, you may wish to upgrade as soon as

According to
this article
, a Idaho attorney’s license to practise law
was suspended for 11 months. The attorney allegedly asked one
of his clients to pose in the nude, in lieu of his regular
fee. The client did so, in fear that she would not otherwise
be able to get representation in her divorce proceedings.

As if the Lamborghini Gallardo wasn’t exclusive enough,
they’ve come out with a
special edition
(SE). I don’t know what’s so special
about the SE but it “is equipped with a permanent 4WD, 6 speed gearbox, aluminum
space frame, ESP and
ABS, ABD, air
conditioning, as well as two front and two side airbags…In
Europe it will be available at a list price of €
141.500, — excl.VAT.”

Lamborghini Gallardo SE.



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