Bad to the YaST Drop?

This post
continues the story from yesterday
on my efforts to get a
Linux desktop that I can use in place of Windows. The deal
breaker has been and continues to be (read below) getting a
Netware client that works as well as the one for Windows.

Okay, after installing the required packages (gcc, make,
and the kernel source (all 180MB of it)), I ungzipped the
Novell Netware Client for Linux, pointed the SuSE package
installer – YaST at the
directory where the client extracted to, and Bob’s your
cousin, it installed.

Too bad I can’t get connected to my primary Netware
server. As I feared, the client seems to only works with
Netware versions 5.x and above. But most, if not all of our
Netware servers are stuck at version 4.x with no plans, that
I know of, to upgrade.

So, I guess, I really can’t get there from here (which is
not a reflection on the client except that it should be
backwards compatible with older Netware versions). Otherwise,
the client seems to work fine for betaware.

What’s really amusing is that even if I got connected, the
documentation says they haven’t yet gotten the password
changing part working. If you may remember, my problem with
the other so called Netware clients is that they don’t notify
you when the password is about/has expired. Hence, you end up
being locked out unless you mark on your calendar a date
prior to expiration and change it manually.

While I could probably live with that lower level of
functionality, I think I’ll wait awhile until Novell gets to
version 3.x of their client before switching full time to
Linux. By then, we will either have upgraded to Netware
version 5.x or will have converted all the servers to Windows
[gasp] or Linux.


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