Daily Archives: 15 August 2005

Moving On Up

Even though I don’t think any distribution of Linux is
ready to provide me with the functionality, in our business
environment at work (including access to Netware servers),
that Windows has slowly developed over the years, that
doesn’t mean it can’t already work for me at home.

As such, I’ve decided to switch all three of my desktop
PCs at home to Xandros Linux (with Codeweavers). No,
SWMBO will continue with Windows and no, I’m not switching my
laptop, yet.

Why switch these three? In my opinion, the threat of
spyware has gotten to a point where the available tools are
inadequate to protect me from such programs. Yes, I already
use Ad-Aware, Spybot
, Spyware
, and Microsoft’s
AntiSpyware (beta)

But even using all four, tests have shown that spyware
can still get through. So I’ve decided to spend most of my
home computing time in Xandros/Codeweavers. Do I think that
will stop all spyware? No, these people have an economic
incentive to adapt and evade. Hence, they will probably find
ways to attack Linux users. But at least it won’t be so easy
(I hope). YMMV.