DIY Endoscope

According to this
BBC report
, Dr. Nguyen Phuoc Huy, a medical doctor in a poor area
of Vietnam, couldn’t afford the $30,000 USD cost of buying an
endoscopic system. Said system is used to view the interior
of the human body to aid in diagnosing various problems. It
is especially useful in minimally invasive surgeries where a
relatively small incision can be made for the camera lens and
then the doctor’s hand is guided by the image provided by the

Not knowing much about optics or computers, the good
doctor taught himself what he needed to know, consulted with
others when he ran into problems, then designed and built his
own endoscope for about the cost of the scope itself

I love this kind of ingenuity where you take what you
have, learn what you need to learn, and then create something
useful on a tight budget.



One response to “DIY Endoscope

  1. It also shows the hugely inflated prices supported by the typical western health insurance.