Tim O’Reilly is Not Evil

You may not always agree with
the man, as I did not regarding a contest they had that only
let in ‘Mericans living in the lower 48 states. But they
corrected that when it was pointed out.

But the O’Reilly family of sites is being taken to task
for some of the advertising therein. Mr. O’Reilly
has a longish post
and getting longer series of comments
on the subject.

I think the conversation that has started on the subject
is an important one because it affects how well Google
searches perform (understanding that “well” is a relative
term). What is the right way to advertise, given that
advertising pays the bills for many sites, is a difficult
question. But at least Mr. O’Reilly understands the questions
to ask. If you have the time, go read his post and the
comments to it.



One response to “Tim O’Reilly is Not Evil

  1. Bha, as long as adds don’t interupt or hinder the reading of the content on a site I don’t mind.