Nano Bites

I think there may be an Apple Ipod Nano with my name on it. So far, I’ve resisted buying an Ipod but this looks like the one for me. Of course, there is still the problem with batteries (I think you have to send your Ipod to Apple to have them change the batteries. As you know, all batteries fail, eventually, so you will have to part with your Ipod when that happens. But I digress).

The other problem is I’ve switched to Linux and there isn’t, as far as I know, a version of iTunes for Linux. There may be a way of running the Windows version under CodeWeavers but I haven’t test that, yet.

In any case, I will wait awhile to see how the reviews come in and then decide whether to get one.

Apple Ipod Nano



3 responses to “Nano Bites

  1. Smaller! I demand smaller!
    Hehe, also on there site I noticed that they have a Harry Potter iPod – sheesh, I think we have enough different kinds already

  2. I don’t know. Making a big event out of it, just because Jobs washed his ipod to hot. 🙂

  3. Nice ineed, and fills the gap between the shuffle and the full Ipods.