Sorry, no post today. It seems my troubles with LANDesk continue. Apparently, and this is a guess on my part, the system is setup to check whether you have LANDesk installed. If not, it will continue to force it down on to the PC until it is. Hence, my hard drive is corrupted again. Sigh.

I will be be spending my time today reformatting my drive and re-installing Windows. However, I may no longer be logging into our Novell Netware network since as I soon as I do, my hard drive will be corrupted again by the forced installation of LANDesk.

The only long-term solution I see is to use Linux and log in to the Network from there. That way, when LANDesk tries to install, it will die a deserved death since it doesn’t run on Linux and even if it did, it would require root-level access to install.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone – Aloha!


One response to “LANDisconsolate

  1. It must be an abreviation from Crash-land-eskape