Brave New World

So, for now, I am operating using Xandros Linux at work so that my PC won’t become corrupted by the forced installation of LANDesk. In order to check my office email, I have to rely on CodeWeavers/Wine to run Lotus Notes in an emulation mode.

But, in order to have Notes access the Domino server (where the email is stored), I have to login into the Netware network. Since doing that under Windows will result in LANDesk being installed, I have to instead use the Linux ncpfs utility to get logged in. That said, I still can’t figure out how to, when the time comes, update my Netware login password. Changing to the Netware default /sys/pub directory doesn’t show the setpass utility (nor if it did, how to run it under Linux).

I’ve tried installing the NovelClient from SourceForge from both the .rpm and the source but find it incompatible with Xanrdos. It appears it is designed to work with SuSE 9.x, but not Xandros. I’ve also tried, before, to use the Novell Client for Linux (beta) but that doesn’t work with Netware version 4.x, which is what we have.

Hence, I will have to login in using Windows at some point to change passwords (which expire every so often). Hopefully, before I need to do that, I will find another way to change passwords. Sigh

As an aside, SuSE has announced version 10 will be out next month so I’m glad I didn’t buy version 9.3. If Novell is willing to send me a review copy of version 10 I will take a look at it but if it doesn’t include CodeWeavers I’m not sure how well it will fit my needs.



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  1. Your login tied to a given workstation? Or can you log in from someone else’s (previously LANDesk-corrupted) machine to change passwords?