Fat Lady Sings

In an announcement
released on Tuesday
, the Opera web browser is now banner and
licensing fee free. Up to now, if you didn’t purchase a license
you could still use Opera but they would display banner ads along
the upper portion of the browser. Version 8.5 no longer includes
the banners nor requires payment for a license.

The press release is silent on what business model they will
be using but one has to wonder how they will stay in

That aside, Opera is a very fast (much, much faster in Linux than
Firefox), standards compliant browser available for
many different operating systems. Some
of it’s features can be found here. Note to
Xandros users, and perhaps others, you should install the Open
Motif client (motif-clients) before installing Opera. Opera will
still run without it, but apparently not everything will

Give it try some time and see if it meets your needs. YMMV.
Insert disclaimer here.


One response to “Fat Lady Sings

  1. Hmm, I really hope they have a good plan behind this cause I like them.