Frozen Moments

I think I’ve been interested in photography since I was in
elementary school and had a Kodak
Brownie Hawkeye
. Later, when I worked at the family printing
business, I used the darkroom to process film, slides, and
prints. There was something almost magical to see the image
appearing out of a white piece of paper, made yellow by the safe
lights. To see the rich tones, from pure white to pure black,
never failed to fascinate me. To this day, I appreciate black and
white images more than color.

That said, every once in awhile I run across a site that
intoxicates the senses with the pleasure of form and, in the case
of the Liquid Sculpture
, movement.

This site displays images, taken with a high speed flash, of
water droplets (note, you need to fully enable javascript for the
images to display). You’ve probably seen photos of milk droplets
or such but photographer Martin Waugh plays with colors and
substances to create, yes, liquid sculptures. All the content is
copyrighted so I won’t be showing you any examples but feel free
to go to his site to take a look.

Have a Great Weekend, Everyone –


One response to “Frozen Moments

  1. Nice site–like your easy going comments and colors etc..One word of advice, if you use tables, you can control where the text goes, and would be easier to read. Keep up the good work!!

    One more note, I live in Ocala, and most of us were all peeved and embarrassed at what Majestic Oaks did. They did eventually overturn their stupid rule about only one family.